About Modern Movement

It's time to Move with Meaning. 

The vision for Modern Movement is yoga with purpose. Ask why, and let that curiosity inspire your movement, your breath and your potential.  We create an experience that offers more than just a good sweat (though you'll definitely get that!), and moves deeper than just the physical body. It's steeped in ancient wisdom, tradition and deep connection. But it doesn't stop there; it's an evolution from the roots of yoga into the modern world of functional movement, psychology, and anatomical biomechanics. We blend the best of where we've been, with the intelligence and potential of where we're going. That's why we offer more than just traditional yoga. You'll find styles suited to every body at any stage of experience, ranging from Pilates to Yin.

Set across the Northern Beaches, both of our studios are bright, beautiful and thoughtful.   

Our signature style is Modern Vinyasa. Our signature classes are heated, strong, dynamic, and transformational. Expect more than just a challenge of your physical limits, expect to freely express and explore possibility. Through the physical flow, you'll find power and un-tap the more subtle parts of your mind and purpose. It's medicine in movement. 

Our strength is balanced with sweetness, you'll find it in our Modern Yin and Slow Flow classes. Our Yin classes draw on Chinese Medicine and meridian lines to create a therapeutic and restorative getaway from the daily chaos. Slow Flow combines the yin and the yang, the flow and the stillness. You'll get 50% gentle, non-heated vinyasa and 50% floor based restoration.   

The heartbeat of Modern Movement is our community. They say your vibe attracts your tribe, and they were right! 
Our yoga is about connection; with the person beside you and the world around you. Our workshops and events are a collection of all the things we love most: deeper understanding, sweet tunes, good food, belly laughs, the ocean... and yoga! We're real people, with everyday struggles who choose to show up and do it together.