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Mission of burbury wholefoods

M/M member Tash Burbury has recently launched her amazing new company Burbury Wholefoods. Here's what it and she are all about..

Tash's Bio

Prior to diving into the world of culinary, Natasha studied a Bachelor of Fine Arts at COFA. She uses her creative skills to not only make art but delicious and nourishing Australian inspired food. 

“I want my art to entice the senses, touch the soul and creative conversation, the same with my food. Food does more that just fill your belly. If your eating food straight from the earth made with love, food can cultivate something truly magical” 

Her decision to use her creativity in food was made when she lived in Canada. Its here that she landed a position as a cook in a beautiful restaurant that treated cancer patients with the Gerson theory diet, a diet of organic plant base foods. Here is where she found the beauty and joy in healing with food. 

From here she went to manage and help birth the first vegan restaurant in the Northern Beaches, was head chef at the famous Naked treaties in Byron and also sous chef of Crackenback farm in Jindabyne. 

She now owns her very own whole foods catering company as well as running a market stall at Narrabeen markets. 

For pictures and recipes of Natasha’s work follow @burburywholefoods

Burbury whole foods is a conscious omnivory catering company which means that we create knowledgable food with the highest nutritional value that also dances the taste buds and enlightens the soul.

Sourcing foods that are local and as seasonal as possible. The aim is to take advantage of our native wildlife and all its amazing benefits. Inspiration taken from our Australian ancestors and the environment in which we thrive in. We use sustainable Australian native wildlife and local farmers with the best possible produce. Celebrating nature and all its intricate magic it provides. We source organic as much as possible but will always prioritise using local farmers we know, rather than a certification.

We also understand that science is constantly uncovering the benefits of food and different food combining. We aim to always be at the forefront of healing with food using advice from the best nutritionists in their fields.

We believe that earth’s gift of intelligent food is to be treated with the upmost of respect. During prepping periods and service the food is blessed with grateful intentions. These intentions are taken throughout the day/night into your meal and into your body.

Most importantly all our animal products are sourced sustainably with our fish always caught on a line, Australian grass fed beef, wild kangaroo, chemical free oysters and happy free range chickens. Animals are here on this earth to be honoured. We keep waste to an absolute minimal. Not just with animal products but the company as a whole.

Please acknowledge that eating meat is a sacred and intimate act, therefore should not be considered with every meal. We do not believe is sustaining from animals and animal products but do believe in conscious choices. Therefore at each sitting we offer both animal and non animal options for your guests. Please let your guests listen to their body and eat exactly what they feel they need but also honouring the earth with their decisions.

All food is washed and cooked in Kangan water. Which means it it filtered from all the nasties including chlorine and fluoride as well as producing an ionized alkaline water.