The discipline to think positive thoughts

M/M friend and kinesiologist Erin shares her thougths on the power of postive thinking...

For many years I have understood the importance of daily spiritual practice, I have used many different tools over long periods of time and actually, most of them have resonated with me. Some of these tools include; various kinds of mediation, presence, prayer, affirmations, tapping etc. But I have not found it easy to stick with them for consistently long periods of time; months or years on end.

The spiritual teachers and mentors that I listen to, read or watch all say the same thing; you must find something you commit to doing everyday in order to deepen your connection (to self, spirit, source, the Universe- insert here whatever word you would use to describe it). This is something I had not found easy. I am a committed and motivated person in general in life, but the thought of committing to something everyday did not seem tangible to me.

During the last couple of weeks I had found myself feeling overwhelmed, I felt like there were too many things to do and not enough time. During sessions with clients I felt completely able to be present but outside of sessions this overwhelm seemed pretty constant. Why had I reached this point? Why did everything all of a sudden feel so big?

The underlying fear was of a loss of control, which is common in any form of overwhelm or anxiety. I went through my processes and had some Kinesiology sessions to help me to figure it out. Then I realised; what I had actually lost control of were my thoughts. I had begun to use victim words, negative words; both internally and with others.

It was a big realisation that allowed me to understand the power and sanctity of our words, something I understood logically but hadn’t felt the truest power until now. It also lead me to realise that I do have a spiritual practice that I commit to each day; my committed practice is to choosing a higher thought, focusing on the positive, letting go of what does not serve me, allowing myself to let go of the things that weren’t the best and turning my head to look at the things I am grateful for, the things I am blessed with.

I realised that for a long time in my life I have endeavoured on a path of discipline and commitment to choosing words within myself and with others that are of a higher vibration, that come from my truth and that are fundamentally positive.

I have been and still am deeply committed to this practice because it works. Our words have a deep and lasting effect on our bodies, our minds and our spirits. Our words have a vibration depending on the words you’re saying – you know when you say something negative or that you don’t mean …you don’t feel good. If you breathe, take a second and choose a higher vibration thought, a higher perspective, realising that what this person said was not about you, that this is not personal, that this thing (whatever it is) happened for a reason…I guarantee that if you practice doing that enough, you will feel changes in your daily life; your resilience will grow and so will your willpower.

If you feel you struggle to find or commit to a daily practice; I suggest experimenting with the practice of focusing on your words- you use them constantly, within yourself or in conversation with others…imagine how different your daily life would be if you trained yourself to choose a higher thought, word, sentence, perspective?

Here is an exercise to try; for one week commit to this practice, commit to choosing a higher thought…for a whole week. You may feel/fear that this may suppress or push down an issue, so step two is to write down any reoccurring thoughts/patterns or past stuff that you wish to transform. Set aside one or two times in the week to read through these issues you’ve written down and do what you need to do to release them (you can talk to yourself until you’ve got no words left about the issue, have a therapy session of any sort, write it all down in detail until it’s all out of you etc.). But the rest of the time commit to focusing on what you like, love, are interested in. Walk away for bitchy conversation. Affirm the things you like about you. Affirm the things you like about others, to them!

I would love to know how you go with this; it’s a life changer.

All of my love, light and support,

Erin xxx