Flowing with Life vs Resistance

M/M friend and kinesiologist Erin shares this wonderful blog post on flowing with life....

Hi guys!

Have you ever had the feeling that you’re pushing really hard in one or more areas of your life – too hard? Like you’re pushing a big rock up a steep hill? Like you need to focus extra hard, put heaps of energy into this thing and at the end of the day still have the feeling that you didn’t get everything done that you wanted to? Kind of like you’re totally out of rhythm or flow…

Last week I was exhausted, the week before I worked for 7 days straight. I LOVE my work, I have so much passion and belief in what I do as a Kinesiologist – but being a Kinesiologist is not who I am, it is what I do. It is a part of my life but it is not my whole life. I feel my absolute best when I am living a balanced life, when I rest, give myself time to do my stuff, when I am working balanced hours, when I have time to be with my family and friends….

Last week, in this exhausted state I felt everything was less easy, like my response to every questions asked in the first paragraph was a “yes”. So last week I reduced my amount of clients and gave myself time to rest. I lay on my balcony staring at the sky, looking at the trees (I was so tired that focused mediation wasn’t on the cards) and I realised something…I was now living (we had just moved) in this peaceful, tranquil place, surrounded by nature…and I was working at 100miles/hour.

We had moved at the beginning of the year from São Paulo, Brazil. I love São Paulo for many reasons but the very fast pace of São Paulo is one of the bigger reasons why we wished to move, we wanted a quieter life. So here I was in this peaceful, calm place surrounded by nature and I realised I was moving at the pace of São Paulo. It didn’t fit, it’s like putting a bull in the middle of the “fine china” section of a department store. I was stuck in the rhythm/pace of somewhere I was not which did not allow me to absorb and enjoy where I was.

To me this lesson is applicable to any area of life where you feel out of rhythm or like you are having to try too hard to get stuff done, if you feel tired or exhausted by your daily activities. If you feel this way I urge you to stop, tap into where you are, to the current situation, circumstance or place, to the PRESENT MOMENT- what does it require of you? Are you moving at a pace that does not meet the needs of where you are? Are you doing more than the present moment requires of you? What do you need to do in order to flow with the rhythm of where you are?

In relationships sometimes your partner may be at one rhythm and you are at another – feeling like you’re bumping heads, at work you may feel like you are having to work hard to have people understand your ideas, in friendships you may feel like you’re drifting away from those you used to be close to – maybe you feel like you need to hold on…

All of these feelings are forms of resistance; I don’t know what you are resisting, it could be change, it could be letting go, it could be facing fears. Whatever it is, this resistance is the only thing that is stopping you from flowing. When you stop resisting what is you accept what is, when you accept what is; change,  where you are, who you are with, who you work for…life is easier. The rock you were pushing up a steep hill becomes a pebble that rolls along the ground with the help of your minimal force.

Give yourself permission to live a life the flows easily. It is possible, but first you need to accept it.


Erin xxx