Freeing yourself from limitations

This inspiring Blog from contributor and kinesioligist Erin Liefeld is a great  insight into how we can all live with more freedom in our lives.

Here is a little thought; Realising your limits makes you limitless.

Limitations are something I have thought a lot about for much of my life; we have them and feel them but at the same time we are bigger than them in some way. There are a lot of incredible resources that eloquently explain your infinite abilities and limitlessness in far more depth than I will go into here (for example Bruce H Lipton’s book “the biology of belief”), this blog post is me expressing how I have wrapped my head around the concept of limits.

I used to think Limitlessness had two opposing sides; the limits that stop us and the limitlessness that propels us forward. Now I see that these two seemingly opposing parts are actually both necessary parts of the whole that work together and through each other. We feel and realise our limitlessness through our limits….stay with me here…

In your humanness you will likely have things/people/circumstances that you react to or have a low tolerance level for. There may be particular circumstances that you “just can’t look at”, things you feel you cannot allow yourself to see, hear, feel, think or things you react to etc. These are some examples of mental or emotional limits. In my experience what makes those challenging circumstances easier to deal with is accepting your own limitations.

Now, that does not mean you resign yourself to remaining stuck in this reaction or pattern your whole life; it means that you accept where you are right now. Thinking things like; “I should be a better person”, “I should be able to handle this better”, “I should be calmer” etc… these judgements are dwarfing, they make you feel small, incapable, they take away your power and they make you wrong.

As opposed to accepting your limits in this moment; what the acceptance does is allow you to observe yourself much more clearly and without harmful self-judgements you are able to understand why you react that way. And, in turn, you become liberated from the mental merry-go-round. You become free.

Another thing happens when you accept your limits in the here and now; you start to have empathy for other people’s limits and instead of reacting back you begin to leave space for them to sit with their own stuff. You become nurturing towards others and yourself. It also makes it a lot easier to recalibrate, to work on these limits and to release them when you feel you are ready.

Let go of how you “should” react and begin to understand and FEEL that those reactions are there for a reason and you will figure that reason out a lot quicker and easier once you accept it and realise there is probably a lot more to it that just what is on the surface.

Realising your limits makes you limitless.

Love and Light,

Erin xxx