Get to know the M/M Team - Charli

Why did you start practicing yoga?

Well it felt so good! Originally it was a physical thing and a bit of ego at how I could do some poses “better” than my friends. Now it’s totally the opposite. For me, yoga is all about mindfulness. You’ll often find me in childs pose connecting back to my breath. I don’t like to unreasonably push my body.

Your favourite pose and why?

Half moon pose! I love that point where you stack your hips and find your edge and really open up through your chest (heart). Oh and the falling part can be fun too.

What phrase / alignment cue can students expect to hear from you in your class?

“Shine your sit bones up to the sky!” It can be a tongue twister and I have accidentally stumbled and put a “sh” at the beginning of “sit bones”. Got a good laugh though.

Where will we find you off the mat?

Sitting on the rocks at North Curl Curl Headland. One of my favourite places to chill and even practice a little.

How old is the oldest pair of yoga pants in your wardrobe?

Oh about 6 years old! Don’t worry these are just for my home practice.

What are 3 things left to do on your bucket list?

  • 1. Always Travel – can’t get enough
  • 2. Over night hikes
  • 3. Buy a 4WD truck to live/drive/travel Australia. (Yes more travel)

What makes you laugh?

Dad jokes.

What song do you love to dance too?

Too many….. Alt J “Something good” always picks me up.

What was your favourite childhood TV show?

Trap door – a plasticine animated show about monsters that come out of a trap door. Classic.

What did you eat for breakfast? 

Fruit salad, vegemite on toast and always a Jasmine Green Tea.