Get to know the M/M team - Lou

1. How long have you been practicing and teaching yoga?

I started practicing yoga when I was 21 and in my final year at university. Teaching came much later as I was busy focusing on my corporate career, I’ve been teaching for about 3 years now.

2 .Favourite pose and why?

It depends on the day, my mind, my body, my mood… Legs Up the Wall has been particularly therapeutic for me over the years, helping when I was unwell with glandular fever, during my pregnancy and post childbirth.

3. What phrase / alignment cue can students expect to hear from you in your class?

Listen to your body

4. Where will we find you off the mat?

At the beach or training at Crossfit Athletic Mona Vale

5. How old is the oldest pair of yoga pants in your wardrobe?

I have a really old pair of Lorna Jane pants from maybe 5 years ago…but I never really wear them! I am a Liquido Active convert for yoga and Lululemon fan for Crossfit. 

6 .What are 3 things left to do on your bucket list?

It’s funny, I have actually fulfilled a lot of my goals and ambitions. Perhaps this question is the universe’s way of telling me it’s time to write a new bucket list!

7. What makes you laugh?

My husband. I laugh at him, he laughs at me, we laugh together. There is lot of laughter in our house.

8. What song do you love to dance too?

I’ll dance to anything but love Jet - Are you Gonna Be My Girl?

9. What was your favourite childhood TV show?

Postman Pat…it’s the Brit in me.

10. If you had one super power which would you choose?

Flying – I love feeling free  

11. What did you eat for breakfast? 

I had homemade chia porridge with nut butter and pear. A stereotypical yoga teacher answer would probably be a green smoothie…amusingly I did actually make one of those this morning too!