Get to know the M/M Team - Nicole

We asked Nic a few questions about her daily routine and love of yoga and here's what she had to say:

Favourite pose and why?

I love Half Moon for the expansive quality in the body/breath/energy. I love handstand because it released the inner child and the inversion offers so many health benefits (great for my blood pressure and its invigorating!). I love revolved Crescent lunge for the power, strength and rinse. But I also fall in and out of love with poses over time. Poses I used to avoid I now practice every day - Ardha Bhekhasana for the shoulders and Eagle Pose for the double bind. I used to practice wheels, splits and shoulder-stand daily and now I practice them rarely and always with props and warming postures to get there. The poses change, the practice changes – you just have to honour where you are at in the present. Be smart about what and how you practice it may make a difference in the long run.

What phrase / alignment cue can students expect to hear from you in your class?

I talk a lot of the energy in the hands and feet - I think these contact points with earth are so important. The awareness of sensation and the flow of energy through and to the bandhas allow for precision, control and balance. So when a leg if lifted in 3 legged dog, standing splits or Warrior 3 (especially when preparing for an arm balance) I will cue “Straighten the top leg and press through the ball of the foot like you were stamping your footprint to the ceiling. Keep the top leg straight as you pop from the standing leg and direct that standing leg to follow.” I also often cue a neutral cervical and lumbar curve for safety in the low back and neck. The best cue you can listen to are the internal ques that direct you towards space and safety and away from pain and danger. Every single person is different and my students will interpret the alignment in their own time so every effort to align the body must be matched by a return to the softening or comfort available in that moment. I also encourage my students to practice with joy and remove the pressure to be perfect or to push like the practice is a competition. You can’t be good or bad at Yoga but you can choose to enjoy it or make it another stressful chore during your day.

Where will we find you off the mat?

At the park with my 2 fur-babies.. Jojo a toy poodle and Louie a toy Schnoodle or out to eat with my friends or family. My happy places are: Art galleries, book stores, secret gardens and cafes. I love to travel (but what Australian doesn't) South Korea, New Zealand, Bali and New York are some of my favorite places to travel! Would love to go to Canada and Eastern Europe in the future.

What did you eat for breakfast?

Green juice, a coffee and I shared banana bread with the 2 dogs down at my local park - there is a café at the local park!! #winning I teach 5 x mornings a week so my teaching day breakfast usually includes a warm chai tea (LoveTea is the bomb) with fresh lemon to prepare my voice and get the system awake and moving. Then a green smoothie and coffee after the first class and then an egg and avocado after the 2nd! I space out my breakfast and snack on fruit or nuts until a late lunch.

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