Meet the Team - Simon Williams

This week we get to know M/M member, film maker, writer, muscian and all-round legend Simon Williams.  We will also be featuring some of Simon's work moving forward.

Your favourite pose and why? Savasana – for me, a welcomed moment of surrender & connection.

Why did you start yoga? I have a lifelong ambition to be able to surf and snowboard for as long as I can, so I focus on prevention of muscle fatigue rather than what I have been used to which is trying to cure it. My former life as an athlete has rendered parts of my body quite tight (hips/back) so I want to increase my range of motion and live an existence free of pain and injury. Along with that, I am on the mat to gain a deeper connection with the universe and the forces that govern our time here on Earth.

Where will we find you off the mat? Behind a laptop, a camera, a guitar or a pen. I live for creativity and find so much joy and passion in discovering what I am capable of in these realms. Creativity is our meaning, I believe… Intertwined with that, you’ll find me in the ocean or in the mountains somewhere.

Favourite restaurant on the Northern Beaches Beaches Pizza in Manly or Mexicano at North Narra… but my favourite place to eat is the Beaches Market on a Friday – have you tried the Burbury Wholefoods Salmon Avocado smash???!

What are 3 things left to do on your bucket list? Honestly, I am so grateful for the opportunities and abilities to work hard on what I love, and I will continue to work on my dreams so that I may offered fulfilment. However: a snowboard/photograph road-trip through Canada/Alaska/Patagonia; write & produce a feature film & soundtrack; & to create something that offers a positive impact to the lives of a large number of people.

Favourite beach? My mind went straight to favourite wave; however, we’re talking favourite allrounder. Tough. Local: Home in Narrabeen, or Mona. Road Trip: Crescent Head, or Main Beach in Byron Bay. International: Medewi, Indonesia, or Shipwreck in NZ.

What makes you laugh? My girlfriend, my mates and Seinfeld.

What song do you love to dance too? Anything by RUFUS. Pre-game game-changer.

Your favourite cocktail/drink? Lime Margarita/Good Tequila/Craft Beer/Red Wine/Great Coffee/Moon Water

What was your favourite childhood TV show/movie? The Goonies

What did you eat for breakfast? Smoothie bowl, made by the one & only, @healthalchemist.