How to get more out of every day

We found these 5 simple steps make a nice blueprint of how to guarantee a little extra bliss everyday.

Everyday no mater how you do it get your blood pumping somehow. It doesn’t have to be high intensity and you don’t have to sweat but getting your blood moving efficiently around your body makes us fitter, healthier and gives us a delicious boost of feel good endorphins. Anything is better than nothing so Yoga, surf, run, bike to work, take the kids for a swim or go for a walk with friends. It’s that easy and only needs 30mins to and hour.

Get in touch with the ‘now’ and forget about the future or the past for a few minutes every day. We spend too much time stressing about what’s coming and past events when we should just be living in the moment. This can be done anywhere, anytime. Meditation can be as easy as sitting down for 10 minutes and just focusing on your breath or with one of the many free guided versions available for download. If you want to take the next step find your nearest Vedic meditation teacher and hit them up. Vedic is an easy and beautiful way to learn the art of meditation and has been developed with busy, modern lifestyle in mind. 

Take a moment every day to step out of your world and make a positive impact in someone else’s. So easy to do yet most of us are too caught up in our own stories to actually do it. Send a nice email to someone you haven’t spoken to for a while, help your partner cook dinner or do the shopping for your grandma. You know it will make a big impact in their day and a positive rub on yours no doubt.

The avg person needs at least 2L of water per day and most of us aren’t getting anywhere near that. If you struggle and find water boring sex it up with some sliced lemon, strawberries and mint or your own favourite combo. Here’s a few basic reasons why: it increases energy and reduces fatigue, flushes out toxins while aiding weight loss, improves complexion, boosts your immune system and best of all puts you in a good mood.

This one is simple if you don’t get your 8 hours you aren’t the best version of yourself that you could be. We need sleep for health, beauty, cognitive function, physical repair and so much more. Quality sleep is essential so don’t neglect it or your job, relationships, health and life will ultimately suffer and hey who doesn’t love snuggling up under the blankets on a Sunday morning.