How Yin Yoga changed my life

M/M member and passionate practicioner of yin yoga Faye has very bravely and kindly shared her personal journey with us all. It's an inspiring story and we thanks you for taking the time to share it with us.


I wanted to share my story of how Modern Movement has been my place of serenity….

In 2002 after many years of partying hard, and being pretty much burnt out a friend and I decided there was more to life and embarked on a trip to Australia. We settled in Sydney as we loved the vibe, a few months into the trip my friend got homesick and wanted to return to our hometown in Scotland. I had already met my future husband to be, so I decided to stay on... Long story short we married some time later, and after many unsuccessful years of trying for children we had our first child through IVF.

While pregnant I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's and told my thyroid no longer worked on its own and basically if I wanted to stay alive I needed to be on Thyroxine, which I did.

3 years past and we wanted to give our son a sibling we tried to fall pregnant naturally, of course this did not happen so another round of IVF was suggested, luckily it worked and we had a beautiful little girl.

With 2 little ones I was feeling less than average, sleep deprived, achy cranky stressed, all the things we take it as normal being a busy mum. Along with a bad diet, something had to give but for years I struggled along not knowing that it didn’t have to be this way.

At age 41 I was desperate and needed help in so many ways, health wise, diet wise, stress wise - I just didn’t want to be living the way I was feeling. So I did my best to find answers. I found a great Naturopath GP, who told me go Gluten free, (I had already started that), dairy free, sugar free, all this would help me feel better and put my Hashimotos into remission, and give me mental clarity. She also said I needed to start Yin Yoga for stress, something I had never heard of before, so off I went and strictly started the diet and before long I was off my Nexium tablets as the diet change meant I did not need them anymore, I went from 60kg to 53kg I started taking all sorts of healthy vitamins and supplements which helped too.

I never followed up with the Yin Yoga until I was in despair and luckily I got directed on to the correct path after a life changing experience in July 2016.  I woke up one morning with chronic pain in my neck, shoulder blade and pins and needles running down both arms even into my hands and fingertips, eventually into legs and numb feet...

I was given a neck MRI told I had slight narrowing in C3 C4 and protrusion at C6 but it did not explain my symptoms, so next they sent me for a brain MRI and there were no issues there either, I was given /lyrica and Endep both really strong drugs that impaired my function turned me into a zombie, I stopped taking them of my own accord and thought this is so wrong and I need to fix whatever is going on!

So a word was mentioned Acupuncture! Lightbulb went off I must try this I have nothing to lose! I found an amazing local accupuncturist who  is wonderful and fixed me in a short time. It was here where I found a new appreciation for the human body, and how that most things are caused by the way we are living, what we are eating and number 1 Stress!

FINALLY i was on the journey and on a path that I never want to come off…. My accupuncturist introduced me to Modern Movement told me that they have Yin classes and that I should come along with her, immediately after the first class I knew that I had found what I was looking for, I totally zoned out and it was just what I needed to release stress, the studio is my sanctuary, the staff are all amazing wonderful happy people full of love and encouragement and I now feel I have good friendships with them they are helpful and approachable with any questions that you might have.

I have had two of the most awe inspiring experiences in yin.  The first was in the square pose where I cried and released years of toxic stress that I had been storing in my hips, and the other was only a few weeks ago where I cried and cried quietly the whole way through the class, I walked out of the studio feeling like a million dollars!

I now do Yin class 5 days a week, and have to say this is a way of life for me now and all the other stuff has to slot in between, I still have a lot to learn about how the body works, meridian lines etc but I intend to do lots of reading and also learn from the teachers as much as I can.

If I can put anything across to anyone reading this it would be to say, if you feel ill start by changing your diet and question the andidotes that doctors and prescribe your. Im not sayin ignore them but do your due diligence and look deeper into it, and you might find that it can all be fixed with other options. For me Acupuncture and Yin yoga at Modern Movement saved my Life!