How Yoga will make you better at any sport

How yoga will make you better at any sport.

We Love this insight to yoga from Todd McCullough (Todd is the founder of TMAC FITNESS, located in Santa Monica, CA)

‘Yoga? That’s for hippies. You can take all that stretching and breathing and shove it where the sun doesn’t shine.’ That was his mindset until about seven years ago, when he followed a good-looking gal into a yoga class. But after he leaving the class feeling amazing, he began a pursuit of studying this hippie stuff.

Todd realized he needed a different approach from his weights routine as his joints where not loving him for it. And the solution: yoga. As he reflects back on his time as an athlete, he knows he would have been more successful as a player by incorporating yoga into his training program. Here's why.

Yoga increases flexibility.

Yoga is what will help increase your flexibility and overall play whatever type of athlete you are.

Yoga prevents injury.

Yoga does an amazing job of strengthening these muscles that we often neglect in our gym routines.

Yoga makes visualization easier.

The quieter the mind, the deeper the visualization. Yoga quiets the mind and helps you rebound from losses and refocus after wins. Learning to handle the roller coaster of the season is crucial for success and well-being. Yoga allows the player to shed the emotions of the past and focus on being present, thus resulting in a healthier and more focused athlete.

Yoga lets you unplug.

Athletes are on constant alert while at practice or playing in a game. Brief moments of solitude or stillness allows for an athlete to unplug mentally and restore focus and energy. Practicing yoga trains you to be able to “unplug” for a few minutes anywhere and anytime.

Todd says aim to add one or two yoga practices into your training each week.

Credit to Todd McCullough and Mind Body Green