I Allow

M/M friend and kinesiologist Erin Liefeld share's this blog post on life and living.

Hello dear friends 

I am the kind of person who DOES. I am a doer, as many of us are; it’s rare to find someone in today’s world who is good to BEING.

There are a lot of payoffs to being a doer, truly positive things. But when the doer takes me over I realise that I actually become much less productive in my semi frenzied state of needing to DO in order to feel satisfied. And more so, when I go too far into doing I loose the art of ALLOWING….and, for me, this combination of ego (doing) and being (allowing) in balance creates the most following moments and days in life.

The doer (my ego) serves a big purpose in my life, it is not who I am, but it is a tool I have that allows me to move forward in areas of my life that if I was purely being I would not achieve. But there is a balance, a precious and personal balance (I say personal because the balance is different for everyone) between being and doing that allows us to live the life we truly want to live and succeed in life, however we want to succeed.

Through working on myself for many years, these moments of losing the balance between being and doing have become shorter; but I frequently lose this balance and go into the doer. And that is OK, I know I’m learning and that is what I really care about, not necessarily the result (how many times/day I come out of conscious being).

This morning I was cleansing my chakras and I got to my third eye chakra (just above and between your eyebrows) I saw/felt the words “I allow”. I was reminded in my quiet time that in order for me to find balance right now, I must allow myself to ALLOW.

What does allowing mean to me in this moment? Stop trying, stop forcing, stop pushing your way through things. If something seems like a struggle; perhaps it’s time to look at another, more fluid path. If you are not manifesting something you desire; perhaps the missing link is you trusting and being and shifting focus; not pushing and struggling more.

Is there any area in your life that you feel you want to manifest something different but feel like it’s somehow not fluid or a struggle in some way? Try letting go. Give it to the Universe or mother nature or your spirit guides or God or your angels or whom/whatever your beliefs guide you to. Make it a ritual when you feel that you’re trying and not allowing to look at the sky and actually say out loud “Universe, I give this to you, I surrender this to you”. Give yourself permission to let it go and allow powers greater than your ego (the doer) to take over, and trust that they will. Let “I allow” be the freeing mantra that allows your ego to take a back seat and bring forth your inner power and light.

Let me know what you need to let go of, what you need to ALLOW to happen.


Erin xxx