Meditate your way to a happy day

Taking  5 minutes to mindfully focus on your breath each day can really help clear away your anxiety and cut through fear and worry. Be patient as you practice though as effects are not always instant and it can take a littel while to adjust.  Like most things, learning to calm your mind takes some practice and effort. Keep with it though, and you’ll discover a wonderful tool that you can use to to bring a little more joy and space to your life.

Are you ready to try meditation? Learn to calm your mind by following these five simple steps:

  1. Set your phone or alarm to help keep track of the time. Begin with three minutes, and work up to five and then ten. 
  2. Find a comfortable, seated position that can be in a chair, cross legged in a park, in your car or sitting on your bed each morning before you get up.
  3. Sit up tall, rest your hands in your lap and close your eyes. Your palms can face up or down. 
  4. Take a few moments to relax and settle in, there is no rush this is your time. Make yourself comfortable and feel free to move around until you are. This is your your practice and no one else's.
  5. Once you feel relatively comfortable, redirect your mind to your breath and begin counting your exhales. Set an initial goal of counting a total of 21 and build up to 101 with practice. When your mind wanders, which it naturally will,  refocus by brining awareness back to your breath, and begin the count again. It's important to note that your mind will wonder and that's totally fine and to be expected. All our minds wander but the key is to refocus it once you acknoweldge the change of state

For best effect, practice this meditation for three to five minutes each morning and night to counteract the effects of stressful situation throughout your day. Enjoy

If you are interested in exploring a deeper practice of  meditation please speak with us and we can reccomend some local teachers. There is an amazing Vedic Meditation practice in Mona Vale called Carma Meditation that I would highly reccomend. Vedic meditation is an easy to follow and very powerful form of meditation that has been specifically designed to work with today's fast paced modern lifestyle.