Meet M/M friend and nutritionist Sammy

We would like to introduce you to Samantha (Sammy) Truswell who is a long time M/M friend and amazing nutritionist. 

Moving forward we will be working with Sammy to bring you guys some some fantastic content and articles on the world of nutrition and how it can benefit you. Here's a bit more about her.

Samantha Truswell

Nutritionist - BHSc Nutritional Medicine

Herbalist - AdvDip Western Herbal Medicine


Sammy Truswell is a qualified nutritionist based on the Northern Beaches, Sydney. Growing up, she was fortunate to understand early in life the relationship between what was grown in her Mother’s garden, the food on her plate and good health.

Sammy is not into extremes. She doesn’t believe we should continue to pursue the pressure-filled fad diets so often championed in the media and that the stress surrounding this only keeps us further from achieving our overall health goals. Instead, she cherishes traditional methods of cooking and preparing local, seasonal wholefoods, and believes this is the foundation of health.

Samantha is committed to discovering the underlying mechanisms of ill health and not falling into the trap of just treating the symptoms. It is only then that we can move closer towards balance. Nutrition, sleep, exercise, stress management and environmental factors, are all considered in an overall health assessment of an individual’s condition.

Her main ambition as a health practitioner is to inform, motivate and guide individuals in understanding their full potential and providing them with the means to get there.

You can find out more on Project Nutrition’s philosophy on the website