Meet new M/M teacher Melissa Kidd

Originally from the Rocky Mountains in Idaho, Melissa was raised with rivers in her veins and nature in her soul. It was a simple life, where kids ran through the forest with wind in their hair and mud in their toes. The mountains provided the sanctuary for exploration, stillness and adventure.

It was 2009 when Melissa met the ocean. It was only meant to be a short holiday in Australia, but once you fall in love with the ocean you can never leave it. Sydney's northern beaches quickly took over her heart and became her permanent home. 

After a few years of practicing power vinyasa on the beaches, the mountains called again. It was in the Himalayan mountains in India where the yogic practices took hold and changed her path forever. In a place like that; yoga isn't a sequence, it isn't a workout, it's not about your capabilities or your appearance. There; yoga is the way you live. 

Melissa had never really intended to be a 'yoga teacher'. Her burning desire to help others led her to study the Psychology of Health in university. Her passion to understand the mind and it's power over the body led her on a path to bring these teachings to others. After her training in India, it became clear that yoga was the perfect format to bring the healing power of movement and focus together with psychology as the medicine to teach others how to heal. 

Forever a student, Melissa continued her studies in all modalities of movement and stillness and has been blessed to learn from some of the most talented Western minds across various fields of Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, energetic healing and meditation. Today, you'll find her in nature. Either floating on a paddle board somewhere on the ocean with her dog, or tucked away on a secret beach practicing to the beat of a waterfall. 

2015 marked the birth her nature studio, Flow mOcean. A place where motion meets ocean and where likeminded nature lovers can gather together to celebrate movement, sunshine and being alive. 

Mel's classes have become in intricate weave of her psychology background, her love of flow and breath, the traditional yogic practices of the Himalayas and anything else that's real for her today. Expect to laugh, to play, to be challenged and to be deeply connected back to roots. She teaches Shakepears words, 'The earth has music for those who listen'. There's magic in the ocean and all around us, Melissa's journey is to help you find it again.