Meet The team - Ellie King

Your favourite pose and why? supta baddha konasaana! Just love this pose I almost always start the class in this pose I find it so relaxing and such a restorative posture... also had to google the spelling because I had absolutely noooo idea how to spell it!

Why did you start yoga?  I started yoga as a more restorative form of exercise for my body and mind, not even realising how intensive a yoga practice can actually be! And I absolutely love the diversity of yoga and have been hooked ever since joining the MM team

Where will we find you off the mat? Off the mat you will most likely find me in the water, at the beach or anywhere outdoors really.

Favourite restaurant on the Northern Beaches? Oh this is a tough one I can rarely even decide what I want for dinner off a menu, let alone choose my favourite restaurant on the northern beaches! But I think I'll say 'Pizzaria E Cucina'

What are 3 things left to do on your bucket list? Well I definitely have way more then 3 things left on the bucket list! But 3 would be-

- deep sea cage dive with great whites

- sky diving in Switzerland

- swim with whale sharks in Ningaloo reef

Favourite beach? Well we are very spoilt for choice living where we do, but I'm going to have to be bias and say whale beach.

What makes you laugh? Mostly ridiculous friends and family saying or doing ridiculous things... and my friends would probably tell you that I crack myself up too... again over ridiculous, idiotic things.

What song do you love to dance too?What songs do I not love to dance to is the question ☝

Your favourite cocktail/drink ? Another hard question... haha..

My number one island go to cocktail is a fresh coconut with a shot of Malibu in it! It's soooo good! Nutritious and delicious

What was your favourite childhood TV show/movie? Sailor Moon all the way.

What did you eat for breakfast? Avocado and tomato on rye with salt and pepper.