Meet The Team - Sally Fitzgerald

1. Your favourite pose and why?

Dekasana because I want to fly

2. Why did you start yoga?

Because my body just stopped working with me. Yoga proivded me with the answers I needed and took me to a healthier, happier place.

3. Where will we find you off the mat?

On my island garden tending chickens, bees seedlings and vege patch, and of course weeding

4. Favourite restaurant on the Northern Beaches?

Rough and bare for the restorative bone broth the atmosphere of good health and the high high ceiling

5. What are 3 things left to do on your bucket list?

Find my inner guru

Play polo

Pick a peach from my own tree

6. Favourite beach?

Portuguese beach in Pittwater .. only by boat

7. What makes you laugh?


8. What song do you love to dance too?

Gravity by John mayer

9. What was your favourite childhood TV show/movie?

The Beverley hillbillies.. about a Texan farming family who strike oil and

Move to a mansion in California ..

10. What did you eat for breakfast? Red mill gluten free porridge with lecithin and lactose free milk. Yum