Modern Sculpt

Modern Sculpt is new class at M/M and we've had a few people ask us for more info abot it. So we asked Sculpt teacher and mastermind Laura to explain in her words what it's all about

Tell us what modern sculpt is

Modern Sculpt is a fusion of vinyasa, resistance training & cardio. Each class begins with unweighted Sun Salutations that incorporates plank variations and body weight exercises. From there we add light weights and flow through a series of poses that are held for longer while resistance training moves are added in- think crescent lunge with shoulder press or tricep extensions, Warrior II with bicep curls, etc. You can expect a high intensity cardio track to get you moving and your heart rate up, a core section, and glute focused exercises!! We finish with some restorative poses to calm the nervous system and re-lengthen into the areas that we worked. Each class closes with a well deserved savasana.

What are the health benefits

This class is probably my favourite to teach because it incorporates so many different types of movement. Most of us don't have more than an hour to dedicate to movement and exercise- usually you have to choose between weights, yoga, or cardio but with Sculpt you get a bit of everything. The body weight exercises and weight based poses will increase muscular endurance, strength, and capacity of the muscles to make your unweighted yoga practice feel more effortless. Sculpt is also great for bone health- we know that bones become stronger when the right amount of impact or extra strain is placed on them, and whilst a regular yoga practice is helpful with this sculpt offers a higher level of impact or strain and is thus can be very beneficial for bone health if practiced regularly. Cardio exercise is important for heart health and you'll definitely get your heart rate up in this class. And of course you'll get toned! (all whilst still maintaining flexibility and mobility in the body)

Who is for Sculpt for?

Sculpt is for anyone- you don't have to be super fit or an advanced yogi to do it. As with any yoga practice you can modify the poses (or exercises), rest, and leave the weights out if they become too much. Any of the higher impact moves can be changed to lower impact options and there are different sized weights so you can go as heavy or as light as you feel comfortable.

What should I except

Expect to have fun, get sweaty (the room is lightly heated), feel the burn, and do at least one exercise move from the 80's!! Oh and walk out feeling AH-Mazing!