My 14 Day Challenge

M/M member Sarah put herself on a 14 day yoga challenge to see what it would do for her body and mind. This is her story and from all the team here we thanks you for sharing your personal journey with us.


I love yoga! It makes me feel well, grounded and rebooted. It makes my body strong and my limbs lean. I also run... I do not love running. I run for fitness, but it makes me sore, I get bored quickly and bulks me up. But the balance of both works for me, cardio from running, strength from yoga. Ive been into fitness for years now, I like to be able to eat what I want therefore I train to maintain. Then I had a baby... 

I trained throughout out my first two trimesters before it became too much and I was exhausted so the third I just relaxed. My first yoga class post my beautiful daughters arrival was at 6 weeks, and it felt GREAT! I even had maintained my flexibility.... so good, training after a baby = not so hard. Then the relaxin that is in your body while pregnant and for a few months post left me.... I was stiff, inflexible, sore and generally pretty crap at yoga. It felt like 10 years of yoga had been washed down the drain and with it my motivation. 

I felt guilty when I was at yoga as I wasn't with my baby or my husband was having to take time away from his work, everything felt hard. I was practicing off and on 1-2 a week....sometimes no times a week.

Then I decided I needed to take back the control and find that missing piece that yoga gave me -the head space, clarity and quite frankly my pre baby body. My body will never be the same after carrying my baby, and I'm not ashamed of the scar from my c-section, the enlarged belly button (that no one tells you about but everyone gets!) or the thinner skin on my belly, however I wanted to feel confident and I wanted to feel a little like the old me again. So this month I set myself a 14 day yoga challenge -to go every single day for 14 days. I know that might not sound like a huge challenge but I had never practiced that regulary and it was a good way to start the year. My challenge took away the guilt and the "do you mind if I go" questions and instead made it a priority.

Today I completed my challenge. I feel stronger, leaner and more importantly clearer in my head, stronger in my own ability and determined to not feel guilt for taking a hour or so for myself. 

It was tough, and there were days when I really didn't feel like a 5.20am wake up to make the 6am class but when i stepped through the door at M/M I knew it would be worth it and I would feel a million dollars after each and every class.

I don't think I can or will continue with daily classes but i plan to go at least 4 times a week, to go on days I cant be bothered or when I'm hungover, or just on blah days as I know how good I will feel afterwards and that knowledge has made my 14 days, the never ending pigeons and warrior 2 so worth it. 

Thank you to the girls at M/M, I couldn't have done it with out you all. 

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