Our Reactions Tell A Story

Words By Erin:

Our reactions tell us a story.

They give us a glimpse into things from our past we never let go of. Things we haven’t healed. Things we still feel sad or angry about.

Our reactions tell us what is not yet healed.

Our reactions and our emotions are not bad, they are an opportunity for us to look through the window into your past with new awareness and to heal the unhealed.

burning1-750x500The above photo (See details below*) is one of my favourite pieces of art. It is a perfect visual description of how I feel if I have had a disagreement with someone or myself…my adult body turns away in defence while my child within turns towards the other, yearning to be understood, to connect and have peace.

The thing is, we all feel that way in our different ways. We want to be heard. We want to be understood. We want others to see us, to acknowledge us. We want to be loved, we want to know everything will be OK.

In my experience the awareness of what you really want out of the discussion (for example being heard by the other) is step one. Step two is expressing it to the other honestly; this is the part that can take practice. Sometimes it may not come out right, and at first you may not feel totally confident in speaking your deepest truth in the moment; but when you do you give the other person the permission and space to do the same. It’s like the atmosphere in the room softens when you get real, honest and vulnerable and when that happens you open the space for resolution, reconciliation; healing. Sometimes you may realise after a disagreement why you reacted in defence, that is OK too, there is no right or wrong time to express your truth. Try it and let me know how you go