Petra's Peanut Butter Nice-Cream

Petra's Peanutbutter lover nice-cream

This is your after savasana dream!

No hesitation, do yourself a favor and just dive right in to a big bowl of Peanut butter lover nice cream. Your only effort here is to dig the spoon right in and take it to your mouth. It should be fairly easy after all your chaturangas! Enjoy it, you deserve it!

Serve: 1 bowl


2 Frozen Bananas

2.5 Tbs natural and crunchy peanut butter

3 dates

1/2 cup of fresh and cool almond milk

1/2 Tsp of himalayan salt

Blend everything together until smooth.

** Not into peanut butter? Almond butter and hazelnut butter will taste just as good!

Topping suggestions: crushed peanuts, fresh fruit, vegan choc chips, seeds and fresh mint.