Private Yoga Tuition

Private Yoga Tuition

Recently a lot ouf our students have been asking for private yoga session as they want to focus on a particular area of their practice. SO..

Modern Movement is very pleased to offer the community Private yoga classes as a way to immerse yourself into an individualised experience of Yoga that addresses any questions or concerns you may have that are challenging to address in a group setting. Private yoga can be a therapeutic approach to the practice that can assist in recovery from injuries or illness and provides a platform to develop skills and techniques to support you during regular group classes. A private yoga practice can also enable a practitioner a safe space to explore going deeper into specific movement and postures and take the steps towards elevating ability through customised sequences and 'home-work'.

One on one consultation and tuition opens us to develop practice beyond movement and may lead us down the path of prescribed Pranayama and Meditation techniques that can be used at home or before and after group classes. Having the room completely to yourself, private access to your teacher of choice and the opportunity for mutual dialogue could be the missing link that elevates your whole Yoga experience.

Nicole, a M/M senior teacher encourages her students to enquire about private yoga as a circuit breaker between practice and understanding. She says "Regular yoga practice is wonderful, but often we need to place our attention on the obstacles that prevent our progress and this can be arrived at through one on one tuition. Individual work is so beneficial to the autonomy of the student and developing the skill of internal awareness becomes easier when we are in the room by ourselves. Eventually we are able to practice in groups or alone and the inner guide remains at the forefront of experience".

If you are interested in Private Yoga or would like more information please speak to your teacher or enquire through the studio to arrange a date and time that is suitable for you. Private classes are also claimable through your private health insurance dependant on your coverage and the investment to refine your practice will continue to reward you over time.

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