What Do You Need To Let Go Of?

M/M friend and kinesiologist Erin Liefeld's shares her latest blog on Letting Go.

Hello everyone!

It has been a long time between blog posts! I have been moving house which has taken a lot of my time and focus. At times I felt stuck through this process of moving house but I didn’t understand why until yesterday when I picked up a book by Rebecca Campbell, Rise Sister Rise, and opened the book to any random page as an oracle. Immediately as I read the page I felt relief, I finally understood this heaviness and stuck-ness I had been feeling. It was about letting go of roles and identities that we have been holding onto but that don’t match our current life and where we have evolved to. I realised I had been holding onto a lot of different roles that I needed to shed in this time of transition, roles that used to serve me, they used to have a purpose, but now they don’t, they had become a weight in my mind and body.

This is important to remember; at one point in time, these roles worked for us, that is why they are there to begin with, they started as constructive roles that served us in some way. It’s also important to appreciate that we do not need these roles anymore because we have grown, how awesome is that!

If you feel like you play roles or uphold identities in your life that exhaust you, make you feel tired, that annoy you, that hold you where you used to be, try the below exercise, it really helped me gain clarity, I hope it does the same for you :-). (The below process is a mix of Rebecca Campbell’s teachings and what I have found to be effective);

Firstly; ask yourself in all honesty, what roles am I playing that no longer serve me? That hold me back? That make me feel heavy? That pull me back to the person I used to be but that I am not today? Get a pen and paper and write this list. Be super specific and real.

Secondly ask yourself; what needs to change in my lifestyle or how do I need to change my conscious thinking to allow me to really let go of these old roles? Do I need to create a daily affirmation to help me to continue moving forward?

Thirdly; if you feel like letting go in a ceremonious way take the piece of paper with all of these old roles and burn it (please do this safely into a sink or over a bucket of water), knowing that as the paper burns, the old roles leave you. As the paper burns, also appreciate that you have grown and no longer need these roles.

Fourth; Ask yourself; what you are ready to step into now? Who do you want to be? What in your life do you want to focus on? How do you want to feel? Create your new place to be, step into your new vibration.

I hope this helps you gain clarity if you have been feeling stuck or unsure