Why we do Sun Salutations

So why do we always start every vinyasa class with a few rounds of Sun Salutation A's and what are they anyway?

Sun Salutation A or Surya Namaskar A as it is often referred to in l sanskrit form is a sequence of postures designed to be done in the direction of the sun, everyday at dawn, sunset, or at the beginning of every class. Each pose has a specific different meaning and will create varying reactions in your entire body and and well being.

Here's our top 5 reasons why we do them each day whether it be in class or at home.

1. Practicing at least three Sun Salutations is the perfect way to awaken your body, to stretch, and to say good morning to each of your muscles. It get's the blood pumping up your spine and around your body envigorating your total self and getting you ready for the rest of your yoga practice or the day to come. The lungs and digestive system will also benefit from practicing Sun Salutations. This practice also increases the vital energy of prana in your body, which helps remove energy blockages.

2. A regular practice of Sun Salutations will increase your strength, flexibility, and tone to your body.  It will help open and ready the hamstrings, chest and shoulders as well as wash away any tension you may have.  Sun Salutations offer a great release of tension on the spine, which creates length and increases flexibility. Forward Bends and the slight back bend of Cobra Pose help us add space and breathe into areas of tightness. A healthy spine is the first step in a healthy body!

3. Sun Salutations calm your mind and allow you to sync your movement with your breath. This seemingly simple practice is much harder to master than most people think and the Sun A's are a perfect way to clear your thoughts and get in the moment ready for your practice.

4. The sequence awakens and heats up your core and practicsed over time will strengthern and tone your abdominal area. Our core is key to good posture and movement pattern in both everyday life and yoga.

5. It allows us the opportunity to express gratitude to the Sun for giving us all life and warming us every day.