Why your spice rack is just as important as your medicine cabinet

Why your spice rack is just as important as your medicine cabinet

8 spices you need to have in your cabinet this winter, that are especially nutrient-rich:

Turmeric – A major anti-inflammatory that also tastes amazing in a variety of dishes. And great mixed with ginger and orange for a flu immunity shot.

Garlic – Packed full of flavour AND great for fighting a cold, it’s also highly alkalizing in the body.

Cayenne pepper – The spiciness of this herb actually helps with digestion and calms the stomach. It reduces inflammation and pain (and it also supports the metabolism). Add it to your morning water with lemon.

Cinnamon – It’s anti-inflammatory and it also helps keep your blood sugar stable.

Ginger – This is the absolute best remedy for nausea – It also supports healthy digestion and immunity, as well as the metabolism.

Cumin – The seeds help digestion, and are a great source of iron. Studies are showing cumin can even be beneficial against cancer and diabetes.

Parlsey – Rich in vitamins like C, B 12, K and A. It helps your immune system strong. It supports kidney function, too, by flushing out excess fluid.

Mint – Another great digestive aid with antioxidant properties that can also help reduce allergy symptoms.

Credit to JS Health by Jessica Sepel