Yoga Against Mental Illness

One of our studio ambassadors Chloe Chapman recently approached us with a great idea tha would benefit the local community and hep raise some well needed charity funds. Essentially the idea was to open up our studio on a regular basis for free classes to combat mental illness in the local community while raising funds for Beyond Blue which will help on national level. 

Growing up in Narrabeen Chloe has witnessed first hand the effects of anxiety and depression on the Northern Beaches where for some reason mental illness remains prevalent.  More so recently there have been several awful instances where depression and mental illness have led to the tragic loss of life, heartbreaking for both the families and local community alike. She pointed out to us that this topic is highly relevant right now on the Northern Beaches but more importantly it begs the questions why and what can be done about it?

Having suffered bouts of anxiety herself this issue was something Chloe felt very strongly about so when she approached us about working together on this it was a no brainer. Both Chloe, several of our members and myself all began our yoga practice to help combat and manage the effects of anxiety in our personal lives and so we fully understand the mental and physical benefits of a regular yoga practice.

As cited by Beyond Blue there are over 3 million Australian’s currently living with depression or anxiety and as such it’s time to do something about it. Both Chloe and our studio are highly motivated to help combat this disease that tragically grips so many of todays young and old and as such we are proposing to open our studio to the local community free of charge on a weekly basis for a dose of physical and mental mindfulness. Our hope is that we can begin to make a dent and turn the tide against mental illness on the Northern Beaches and assist Beyond Blue on a national level.

We will request that all attendants make a gold coin donation when attending with all proceeds being donated to Beyond Blue.

Details of Yoga Against Mental Illness are below:

Where: Modern Movement Yoga, Mona Vale

When: Every Sat at 4pm for 1hr

What: 1hr yoga class including mental and physical mindfulness open to anyone and everyone. 

Why: To help combat mental illness on the Northern beaches and provide funds for Beyond Blue to do so nationally.

We hope to see you all in the studio on Saturdays and please tell your friends and help spread the word.