Class styles

All classes are 60 minutes in length, led by professional Yoga teachers with a minimum 200hr accreditation and extensive industry experience.


Our signature vinyasa class featuring a strong, dynamic, physical practice in a heated room. This class will challenge you and keep you moving through breath and flow. Every class is different but you can be assured that you will receive a great workout leaving you inspired both physically and mentally. 32 degrees.


A slow/moderate paced class designed to learn the basics and fundamentals of Vinyasa yoga. Perfect for beginners or those new to the practice. Also great for experienced yogis wanting to refine their practice and alignment. 26 degrees.


A slower paced class with poses being held for longer periods of time. Perfect to unwind and release muscle and fascia tension. All done to soothing music. 26 degrees.


This class is the perfect bridge for those times when you want more movement than yin, and less effort than heated vinyasa. 
Spend the first 30mins working through a gentle, full body flow. Spend the final 30 mins flowing through low intensity floor based movements to increase muscle elasticity and restoration. Non-Heated
Great for beginners, those recovering from injury and those who don't want a heated practice.


A high intensity vinyasa practice incorporating hand weights designed to sculpt and tone your body. While you flow to an upbeat playlist expect a combination of traditional flow and toning exercises like squats, core work and cardio to get your heart rate up and your muscles working. Finish with some restorative poses to balance the yang with some yin before ending in a well earned savasana.


This mat based class is a non-impact, full body workout that focuses on core muscles, as well as toning for the legs, bum and arms, increasing spinal mobility and flexibility. Its also great for specific rehabilitation of many injuries and conditions especially abdominal separation post pregrenacy.


These classes will gently ease new mothers back into yoga and help them connect with other mums in the area.. Bring your bub and sit them next to you while you practice. No need to worry about them crying, feeding or nappies as everyone is in the same boat!

This is a gentle, interactive yoga practice which will incorporate safe and relevant postnatal practices including overall strengthening and stretching, abdominal toning and pelvic floor work. Build strength, relax, stretch and connect with other mums.